About Us

Preferred Properties was started in 2004 and within the year became the top real estate company within The Galena Territory.  We continue to hold that position year after year offering our customers and clients exemplary professional, courteous, prompt service along with our extensive knowledge of The Galena Territory, Galena and the surrounding area.

Charlie and Betty Fields purchased the company in February of 2013 when they became aware of the decision, by its New York corporate owners to close its doors.  They felt it was important to continue to offer their clients in The Galena Territory, Galena and surrounding area the professional service that they were accustomed to receiving.  Betty Fields, the firms Managing Broker since 2004, said when they opened the office "Our goal is to meet the needs of the growing group of customers who are attracted to the Galena area and the Territory."  They felt it was important for the owners to be part of the community and its local fabric.

Part of the local fabric...

Our agents all live locally.  They are active in school and church groups, managing and playing on local sports teams and participating in local government - they are part of the fabric of the wonderful communities which make up The Territory, historic Galena and surrounding communities.

They bring a grass-roots appreciation for the historic importance of this lovely area they all call home.

We've got a strong point of view ... we want to help you.

Preferred Properties was specifically designed to provide the highest degree of quality service for clients and customers.  How?  By taking full advantage of a widespread advertising plan, using cutting edge industry tools and the newest technology.  Preferred Properties provides the highest level of exposure to the selling and buying public.

Professionalism that benefits you...

Our experience has shown us that whether your goal is to buy your primary residence, a second home getaway or an investment property, the process of buying or selling can present challenges.

If you are selling a property, we'll develop and be guided by a marketing plan designed to attract the maximum number of potential purchasers while minimizing unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

If you are buying a property, you'll be provided with progress reports and updates on the latest market trends and property values.  You will find our associates anticipate your questions and that they are available on your timetable to answer promptly and factually your questions and concerns.